Waiter Calling System

Are you looking for a solution to improve your customer's dining experience?

Look no further! We are excited to introduce our latest service
the waiter calling system.


With just a push of a button, customers can request assistance from their waiter, making the dining experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Watch Display Receiver
  • Can work with 500 buttons
  • Can show 3 table number request
  • Show 4-digit number from 0001-9999 and first alphabet can be A-Z
  • Can indicate different service type via words or alphabet.
  • Battery is rechargeable: 3.7V Lithuim battery.
Call Button
  • 100% Water-proof
  • Work with our receiver to combined the wireless calling system
  • The system can be set up on every table, allowing customers to request assistance by simply pressing a button. When a call is placed, the corresponding table number will be displayed on a watch screen, making it easy for staff to identify and respond to the customer in need.
  • 3-key button: CALL, BILL, CANCEL
  • Material: ABS and silicone