Your restaurant menu, now is online in your customers’ hand.


Cyprus Menu QR menu is the ideal apparatus for cafés, bistros, shops and other business types.

Digital menu

View your menu from any smartphone by scanning your table qr.

Service calling system

With Cyprus Menu you can save the precious time of your customers and optimize staff performance..

Stop Waiting, Start Ordering

Let the customer choose how to make the order: using his smartphone or the waiter.

About Us

Increase your productivity
with us!

With us you can provide your customers with an attractive QR menu, digital menu and help them order with a few simple clicks.More over you can cut costs and save time all by using this our services.

Instant updates

Edit your menu at anytime you want. Our platform Code allows for real-time price changes or substitutions. So your customers will always have access to an accurate and updated menu.

View from any device

Keep customers coming back! Customers can view your menu from their personal devices. And as an added bonus - your also saving on printing and designing costs!

CyprusMenu Feature

Made for any type of establishment

CyprusMenu can be used by any establishment, such as restaurants, cafes and taverns, as well as sports centers, wine bars, bakeries, caterers, food trucks, breweries and more. You can fully personalize your menu to the style and theme of your company.


Digitally available

It is easy to configure

24/7 Support

qr menu scanning

How it works

Just post the QR code at your establishment on a sign, flyer, or inside your printed menu. Customers then scan the code with their smart phone and see your menu right on their phone. You get to update prices and items whenever you want, with instant changes reflected on your menus – without incurring webmaster, designer, or scan fees.

Screenshots from our Parteners

Do you need change?

No problem – just edit the menu in on your menumodo dashboard and the changes display immediately be accessible with the same QR code.

Pricing Table

No additional or hidden costs. Pay for what you use.


per month
PDF Package
  • Host up to 5 pdf Files


per month
PDF XL Package +Actions Buttons
  • Host up to 5 pdf Files
  • Social media Buttons
  • Events
  • Bussines Logo and cover photo
  • Action Buttons(Call the waiter and more)


per month
Digital Package +Actions Buttons+Ordering
  • Unlimited Product
  • Unlimited Product Categories
  • Social media Buttons
  • Events
  • Bussines Logo and cover photo
  • Action Buttons(Call the waiter and more)
  • Instore Online Ordering