What is Wrong with your Menu?

Menus haven't changed much in centuries, but the technology to make this part of restaurant management more efficient and profitable has been around for years.

It's time to upgrade!


Make changes or updates

Printed Menu

Once you commit to print, that is it, you can’t change it easily
Prices may change.
Products may become unavailable (out of stock or out of season).
Grammar and spelling mistakes may have crept in.
You want to change things up for special occasions ..

With Cyprus Menu

With Cyprus Menu, you can change or update the menu at any time, on-the-fly, at no extra cost 🤘



Printed Menu

With printed menus, customers need to come to your restaurant to experience it

With Cyprus Menu

Cyprus menu are accessible everywhere. Your customers phone Your restaurant tablet Your website Your social media channels From search engines



Printed Menu

The typical restaurant goer is changing, and new generations of patrons are growing. Generations that are accustomed to having everything at their fingers tips. The printed menu is too limiting.

With Cyprus Menu

Cyprus menu have :
Search & filter
Google Analytics
Order placement
Multi media support
Search engine accessible
Social media exposure
…and more