Why you need us ?

Cyprus Menu QR Menu Is The Ideal Apparatus For Cafés, Bistros, Shops And Other Business Types.

Real-time Updates

Make instant menu changes on the dashboard, ensuring that customers always see the latest offerings.


QR menus streamline the ordering process, enabling customers to access menus quickly


sers can easily scan QR codes with their smartphones, making menus accessible to a wider audience.


QR menus eliminate the need for printed menus, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Made For Any Type Of Establishment

CyprusMenu can be used by any establishment, such as restaurants, cafes and taverns, as well as sports centers, wine bars, bakeries, caterers, food trucks, breweries and more. You can fully personalize your menu to the style and theme of your company.


Just post the QR code at your establishment on a sign, flyer, or inside your printed menu. Customers then scan the code with their smart phone and see your menu right on their phone. You get to update prices and items whenever you want, with instant changes reflected on your menus – without incurring webmaster, designer, or scan fees.

How It
Simplify Changes:
Edit your Menu Instantly

If you wish to make changes, feel free to edit the menu on your menumodo dashboard. The modifications will instantly appear and can be accessed using the same QR code.

Our Prices

Pdf Version
  • Host up to 5 pdf Files
  • Bussines Logo and cover photo
  • Plugins

€5.00 / Month

* Available Plugins for this Plan:1,3,5,6

Digital Version
  • Unlimited Product
  • Unlimited Product Categories
  • Bussines Logo and cover photo
  • Plugins

€10.00 / Month

* Available Plugins for this Plan:1,2,3,4,5,6

Ordering Version(Beta)
  • Bussines Logo and cover photo
  • Online Ordering
  • Application for Ordering Managment
  • Plugins

€15.00 / Month

* Available Plugins for this Plan:1,3,5,6